Artist Research

Over the Easter half term I started to gather research and artist work that I found interesting and different. Looking through books and finding artists online I've gathered some of my favourites that I think the work is of variety... Continue Reading →


Making Sound

I began making noises for my animation piece by just recording them from my iPad that I used to make the animation itself.

Misophonia Animation

I began to make the animation using Procreate on my iPad designing the basic images and then used a GIF making software to make them into moving images and then used imovie to combine all of the smaller GIF's together... Continue Reading →

Morocco – Personal

I learnt a lot being in Morocco both as an illustrator and as a person, it really helped me with my confidence meeting new people and being in new situations all the time. I was able to gain more confidence... Continue Reading →

Morocco – Group

After returning the group (me, Alex, Ania and Chloe) finalised out ideas to decided what we wanted to present to show what we learnt and show our experience in Morocco. We talked a lot about potential ideas as they are... Continue Reading →


This was my first time visiting somewhere like Morocco, I haven't done much travelling. At first I was worried that it would be too much for me with all the new experiences and at first I was very overwhelmed but... Continue Reading →

Final Pieces

I am happy with my outcomes although I wish that I would have had more time to design something more intricate and made more pieces that would relate to the environment that would have been a little in-depth. It is... Continue Reading →

Glaze testing

The glaze workshop was helpful when experimenting, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to glaze my pieces as it would stop the liquid from sticking to animals as I chose to put ink in the bowls instead of using a... Continue Reading →

Making the pieces

I chose to use the same mould for the final piece that I had used during the workshop as I wanted to be able to put liquid in the piece but also wanted lots of space and so the shape... Continue Reading →

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