26 September 2015

During the fist session of Indoor suns I used a soldiering iron to make a circuit. I connected the wires to the bulb and used the computer to run a program that allowed the light to function.


27th September 2016

Added 3 more lights onto the circuit and used the computer to change the colour of each light by changing the RGB setting on the code. Also looked at blue sky thinking and started to work together in a group to generate ideas.

4th November 2016

Started to work with Premier Pro to create a video using some stock footage, looked at how to combine two clips and overlap them while also adding a title screen. Then developed a video using my own footage that I had gathered over the weekend.

11th November 2016

Started to create installation as a group using the videos we had created, our LED’s and any materials that we could find. We started by playing with the projections and displaying them differently and then started to construct a wooden frame which we also added string to to cast a shadow.