Looking through the different statements about the body, I found it relatively difficult to define what the body means within my subject to one specific description. It is difficult to define what the body is as it doesn’t only depends on my beliefs but also my experiences, I want to think that the body is just more than a simple organism that simple exist but it’s also difficult to think about what more the body could be. Within Fine Art you explore deeper into the meaning of things and sometimes create something that isn’t closely related to what you began with but it can also have a direct link. I look at how things have an impact on what I’m looking at which makes me believe that No2 is the most relatable to Fine Art but I also think that the body is just simply a body, nothing more, nothing less. There are elements within the body that are more complex such as the brain, nervous system and the soul if thats what you believe in. I see Fine Art as being a way to look into things with an open mind and I think that every one perceives art work depending on their experiences and so everyone has a different opinion on everything. I think that the body in Fine Art is understood as being a Phenomenological Body, I think that when looking at the body you simple draw the body, the body could be simple but it could be more complex and drawn in a way that shows what the body has experienced and how a person has used their body through out their life. The idea of seeing a artwork and being able to identify what someone has experienced through their life through that image stands out to me and so that it what the body means to me within Fine Art. The body is simple a body but it the story that the body tells.