17th October 2016

Started by looking at some printers and then went through a tutorial showing how to use the equipment in the printing room. Then started to develop a silk screen, the screen had to first be washed using a special soap that removed the coating and then left to dry. After dried the screen was then coated making sure to make a thin coverage. Then it must be dried for at least 45 minutes in the drying box. Once dried the design is then placed in the light box with the screen and the design is printed onto the screen. It is then washed again and left to dry and exposed in the light box for at least 3 minutes. The screen can then be used to print. The printing ink must be mixed at least 50/50 with the thinning agent so that it wont dry to quickly while printing. also learnt how to complete a cyanotype, absorbent material must be coated evenly with chemical, left to dry and then design must by exposed within the light box for approximately 8 minutes.

18th October 2016

Started the day by completing designs for screen print and also completed some cyanotypes using some design I had already completed. Completed my first screen print which went well however my screen had tape over it as it had been previously damaged which meant that some of the pressure was uneven when printing which made it difficult at the start but then I was able to apply enough pressure and get an even print. After prints where complete I then washed the ink from the screen and left it to dry so that it could be used again. I also decided to keep my subject matter to plants, I would like to look at one plant a day and complete a set of prints based on the theme.

22nd October 2016

I started to draw flowers in a book ever time that I saw I plant. I’ll continue to complete quick and small sketches of each flower that I would see and fill a page every day.


31st October 2016

Continued to gather flower sketches on flowers every day and started to transfer then to clear material so they can be made into cyanotypes. Also gathered some leaves while walking into university so that they can be made into a print that can be continued and printed multiply time and drawn over for the next few days to create a set of images that are the same but have difference like how I see flowers and that will represent my week.

1st November 2016

Created paper ‘flowers’ using receipts that I had gathered through the weeks and finished processing screen print and printed lots of copies to develop now that the workshop is over it will allow my to continue the process and make the sets into a book once completed.