The first image shows a drawing that I completed through using only my ability to touch, the second using my sight to draw the object. While drawing the first image I found it difficult to understand the shape of the object and understand the depth and size of what I was drawing. It was difficult to draw as I couldn’t start drawing a different section because it was difficult to find what part I was drawing. When drawing it from sight it became instantly easier as I could see the details knew what object I was drawing, I could see everything quickly and it was much easier to identify depth and understand the size of the object. The two drawings are similar in size however the second one has depth and the first is just an outline. I found that while I was drawing the first one I wasn’t looking at the page as much but was looking forward while feeling the object and trying to identify the shape, I wasn’t looking for details but just wanted to understand what the shape of the object was. When drawing the second image I would look at both the object and the paper after each other as I could always see the object for exactly what it was. It’s much harder to view details when you can’t use your sight to see things, objects became simple shapes, yet if you know what something is when you hold it it becomes easier to see what the object is through sets of images that are seen through your head. If I hadn’t of been able to draw the object without even looking at the paper then the image may have been completely different again as I wouldn’t have been able to grasp where I was drawing as well. There are many elements of the body that function together and once it becomes the norm to do things using those elements things become much simple when they’re not available.