Book 1

Japanese Illustration Now      Christian Campos 

Heisuke Kitazawa pg 71 – work is very colourful and full of life, thin lines, pattern, simple style with imaginary elements.

Imaitoonz pg 103 – Bold colours, detailed with strong lines and chaotic layout, mixed media.

Mako pg 176 – black and white, detailed drawing of human form and supernatural elements.

Marumiyan pg 189 – detailed outcomes with use of flowers and the human face, strong colour, no white.

Minchi pg 221 – loose line and form, human body, organs etc. gruesome elements, use of characters. MinchiWork

Natsuko Yoshino pg 252 – fine detail, basic colour. One piece stood out to me showing drawing within a human figure.

Sayaka pg 310 – very loose styles, light colours and lots of blank space. Unusual subject matter.

Takenaka pg 376 – character work, digital lovely strong style with use of colour and tone.

Yuuiti Miyakawa pg last – detailed but loose form, female portraits with use of traditional kimono.


Book 2

Making masks            Barbara Snook

Book 3

Masks from around the world     Garth Dahl