After spending a lot of time finding artist that didn’t feel as though where linked to the theme as much as I would have liked I spent a lot of time trying to find something I wanted to make and so after a while I had the idea of using a mask to represent inside and outside. I thought that have a mask which showed something simple on the inside but had lots of small detailed drawing on the inside could be very interesting and I instantly fell in love with the idea. Feeling inspired I spent a lot of time in the library researching how to make masks and some history behind them within different cultures so that I could gather my ideas and decide on something more definite. I started to develop some very simple mask designs while completing my research, I found a book from 1972 that showed very simple techniques to create masks and create 3D elements and to explored those. I also created a very simple mask using paper mache and clay to build up facial features as a experiment and enjoyed the process and so I would like to explore further into that as I think it works well although would be difficult to draw on the inside of the mask.

I began with a base made of foil where I tried to create a imprint of my own face, although it didn’t hold very well. I then used paper mache to make the form more solid I then decided to add details using clay as I had done it previously in school and used another layer of paper mache to make the features smoother. Then is just needs to be painted.

I would like to explore more ways of completing the process, during my A levels we used polystyrene to create a base and then used clay to build up details. A ceramic mask could also be used as could a wooden although bending the wood would be a long process as it would need to be soaked and then placed into a mould.