Week 4

During the session we looked at how tools hide from view, having discussed the theories throughout the session I know question how my body works with other objects to complete tasks. I have learned that it is not as simple as just picking up a pen and drawing but that there are many aspects that when changed effect the way that things function or the outcomes of certain tasks. I have significantly improved my understanding of how to create a outcome that could be different from my other work by changing something simple such as the surface that I am working on. This understanding could be useful to me as it helps me to understand other artist works such as Pollock who at first seems to just splatter paint onto a surface but now the logic behind his theory seems much more valid. I can know look at work and understand how elements where achieved, I can now experiment with different theories and processes within my own work to create something new. As a next step I will need to look deeper into the theories in hopes that it will help for me to develop my skills and style further, it will allow for me to try new techniques.