After looking at masks for the library research project I decided to continue with my theme of masks for the subject matter as it fitted in well with the concept. We started by creating designs for the masks, drawing in charcoal and then once we had completed the band saw introduction I then was able to cut my shape into the MDF. The wood had to then be painted with a white base so that it would stop the paint from blending into the wood.

For the second week I had to find an artist who’s work stood out to me and I found an artist who’s work I fell in love with, Fabien Delaube who looks at masks and faces and often layers them up using oil paints.

I love this artwork and it flows very well into my theme. After looking at this work I chose to change my original idea that I had cut and painted and so I  designed a new piece which will have elements of the work shown above.

As I learnt more about underpainting I found is easier to understand the concept of completing it but struggled a little with the process. Trying to identify the darker areas was difficult at first but then become a little easier. I chose to complete my under painting with yellow and orange tones as I knew that most of the face would be white and i thought that a yellow under tone would give the white a little more depth.

I then began to add colour to the painting, I started with the right side and am really happy with the result however I don’t like the left side as much as I don’t think that the colours blend together as well and so I would potential stick with whites next time but make some more grey or darker tones. I also added in a small area of a natural looking face to try and break up the masks and I think that it works well to give a more 3D effect although I have found it challenging to make the mask appear 3D.


Over the weekend I had watched a film called The Danish Girl, the film follows a story of a male landscape artist who through the course of the film starts becoming a women. The painter had a what seemed a wonderful life, he was a successful  painter with a wife and a dog but gave it all up because he wanted to feel like himself and be a women. I found this incredible that someone would feel so out of place that they would give up such a life to become a women. I had never looked at a theme such as this and so I like the idea of looking into it, showing what people want to be on the inside rather than what they are on the outside. The wife of the male painter completed paintings of her husband while he was dressed like a women throughout the process which later became very well known as her husband become a women he stopped painting.