As a task i was given a lollypop stick and a piece of plasticine to make something 3 minutes while music was played in the background.

Originally I wanted to create a cowboy hat on a stick, I tried to make the plasticine into a hat but it was very dry and not very malleable which made it difficult to make a shape that had quite a lot of detail needed for it to be clear. As the 3 minutes started to come to an I was left with pointless shapes and so I simple rolled the plasticine into a ball and made it into a cube and placed it onto the stick. When created the piece I wasn’t thinking about the music but how I had watched a western the night before and no when asked to make something I thought back to the film and made something relevant to the film. The music didn’t sound western to me but there could have been elements of it such as the instruments used that reminded me of the film which is why I chose to reference it with my piece.

Although the hat didn’t go as planned due to the material not responding to me, it showed that sometimes you are limited by the material you choose to work with. You have to work with the material to make something, certain materials wont do things and so you must either change your idea, the process or the material in order to achieve the goal.