After looking at the work that I have completed throughout the material projects I found that I enjoyed the book making the most interesting. I really like the idea of creating a book that people can interact with rather than just looking at something on a wall. I think that something that tells a story and is independent to me and shows things that I have experienced will be interesting for me. I always carry a small sketch book around with me and i like the idea of using that to record my days as I experience them with text ad images. I would like to create a book filled with my days as they pass. It will allow for me to have a record of every day and will be a more personal way of noting my experiences other than just taking a photograph. I would like for the book to become a diary where I right what I have done and how I am feeling. I think making myself vulnerable by letting people inside my life who I don’t know could be interesting. After completing drawings and sketches of my days it may allow for me to find something that I want to develop further into something bigger than the diary.