The group consists of illustration, graphic communication and animation. We began my looking at the Spanish Civil War and how it implicated on families and past generations through presentation. After we went into groups where we had at least one person from a different practice and where asked to right down something that we felt strongly about. I decided to right about a sustainable form of living through recycling and lifestyle. We then gathered them together and changed the groups to people who wanted to discuss a similar matter. As there was a large group of people who wanted to discuss the environment our group split into 2 smaller groups. We started to develop our manifesto as a group while introducing and getting to know out team members.

The sustainable manifesto

At the dawn of a environmental revolution the time has come for the reappraisal of world destruction. We the undersigned have had enough of wastage and poor production. For too long the world has been used for the need of the consumer. We are disgusted by the environmental impact. Down with consumerism! Up with the environment! We declare that a sustainable future is the right future. We renounce unnecessary waste. We celebrate a sustainable world.

In order to make a better world we propose that all people should be self aware of their impact on the planet. Everyone should recycle and reuse. There will be no waste. We shall always work alongside the planet.

After developing our manifesto we then began to create a paper-cut popup which would help us discuss and show our manifesto in a new way while also trying to show how point through images rather then just text. We made 3 cut outs within our groups all having a similar visual such as trees, factories and forms of pollution to try and display our theme. Although I wanted to focus mostly on sustainable living and the changes that can be made to help the planet most of the group leaned towards focusing on more basic ideals of environment and so after discussing our ideas we all agreed that we needed to start to developing the idea further.
Although I am happy with the theme I would’ve liked to look at presenting a solution to people as although we are showing the problem which many people are aware of I think it would be more beneficial to show how it can be prevented easily.