We began by looking at Picasso’s Guernica which was developed during the time of the Civil War. He was asked to complete the painting in 1937 and it’s approximately 11ft high and 24ft wide, Picasso wanted the piece to appear as though it was a mural although it was done on canvas and so he chose to make it large enough to fit on the wall that it was displayed in the Spanish Pavilion. Picasso was asked to complete the painting by the republicans and although agreeing to do the painting he didn’t know what he wanted to paint for the cause.

On the 26th of April 1937 a fleet of German aircrafts flew over Guernica and dropped bombs for 3 hours destroying the town and killing civilians. The aim of this was to answer the questions could a town be destroyed through bombing? and how would it effect the enemy? This attack set a pattern for future attacks.

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After the bombing Picasso knew that he wanted to create a anti-war piece to tribute Guernica. The piece shows a strong use of light and dark elements even though there is a lot of light from the bulb and candle at the top of the piece is still appears very dark. The layout of the piece is very similar to that of a tryptic often used in religious paintings however due to the composition of the piece it all flows as one image and uses strong lines within it.

As a group we had to develop our own Guernica using our manifesto as a frame, we started with a basic idea and outline working as a team and then each person was given a section of the work on. After each person had completed there section we would stick it down and try to arrange the pieces. As the piece developed it became clear that everyone had a different style and as I was the only Illustrator within the group and the remainder Graphic students they were used to working digitally and so it made it difficult as they weren’t used to drawing. I wanted to make the piece resemble Picasso’s style which I tried to do with the first draft of the horse but realised that I needed to adapt it to the others style.