We where very happy with our final outcome, we wanted to create the same dark appearance as Picasso using strong lines to attract focus points. The business cat shows the consumers who damage the planet and are above it all, we decided to make him look away as he is blind to it all. The rubbish was used to try and create a flow and shape to the overall appearance of the final piece. We had the factory creating pollution that was killing the birds the closer the got to the sun to show how the earth is getting warmer due to pollution. The horse being crushed by all of the rubbish to show how we are destroying other living creatures lives not just our own. We added some sharp lines with grey tones in the background just like Picasso did. We chose to add orange for the sun but wanted it to be dark so that it wouldn’t stand out too much as we wanted it to have a darker appearance overall. I am very happy with the way that the piece turned out, we enjoyed working together as a team. After coming up with the base everyone had a part to play and everyone completed what was needed allowing for the process to go smoothly.