For the next step we have been put into groups and given people to look at, we have been given Rob Peters and Harry Stratton who both fought in the Civil war but had completely different experiences. After  meeting as a group we decided what all of us would do depending on our skills and interest. Originally I wanted to complete a comic strip for each of the characters but there wasn’t much information to complete a comic strip and I thought that it may be a little boring. Two of the team members wanted to complete a stop frame animation to tell the two mens story and so I thought that a comic strip would be telling the same story and so wouldn’t add anything to the final outcomes. I then decided that it would be nice to have something that people could read to be able to tell the story and we had some information about letters within our text and I chose to complete a series of letters using my 1950’s typewriter and some old stained paper.

We decided to present the poster that where completed by the graphic students within out group at the top. The first set was made by screen printing images onto the paper, 3 different colours where used to represent the 3 different leaders. As many posters where made quickly the design as kept simple and rough. Below them where posters that where created by 3 different people within the group, each one represented either Peters or Stratton. Everyone tried to keep the same appearance for each of the designs and tried to stick to a similar colour scheme. Below the posters I presented my letters, using the text I created a series of letters written by each of the characters. Each one talking about the experiences they had over the time that they served.  also completed some sketches as Stratton said that he would sketch while he was on the field and so I thought it would be nice to complete them in a rough and basic style as I knew that his materials would be very limited. I then used paint to make the letters look old and muddy as they looked to clean, I also kept them in my pocket so that they would appear more worn. On the table we presented the material used for the animation, unfortunately the two girls where not able to finish the animation in time as they where both ill over the period of the project but we had a story board and everything that would be used in the filming process. All of the material had been made by hand all that needed to be done was for the film to be made.

Overall I was very happy with the turn out, we had a lot of work to show for the time that we had and it all worked well together although we could have presented better but where struggling for time and materials. Next time that we present the work I think that a darker background would work more effectively. Once the animation is complete I’m sure that it will work well for the exhibition, also create smaller flyer versions of the posters could work very well.