We began by looking at the industrial revolution and the difference between the first and second identifying the differences between them. The big change started during the industrial revolution as products started to be made in bulk , before the revolution products where being made at a sufficient amount in locally based ways. It was inherently sustainable as products where being made with the environment using the crops and nature available in the area.

‘The Enlightenment’

  • 17th century
  • Independency
  • Scientific revolution – using science and reason


  • Bill of rights 1961 – limiting of powers of monarchy (freedom of speech)
  • Sealing of bank of England
  • The royal exchange
  • Growth in trade group

How an understanding of the birth of the industrial & economic paradigm is important in your practice 

As time went on people wanted to have things that had been designed and made for them this aloud for the people to create artwork and designs that could be ‘one off’ products.