I began by looking at the brief, I knew that I would want to focus on a societal problem and so I started looking into some that would interest me and developed a small list.

  • Animal Rights
  • Environment/Pollution
  • Work wages (age)
  • Mass murder
  • Sexism
  • Suicide
  • Rape
  • Racism

I feel strongly about animal rights and have a good knowledge around the topic of animal welfare. I also feel strongly about the environment and thought could be a good topic to look into as it relates to my constellation topic. I started looking into art work associated with societal problems and found a artist Pawel Kuczynski who had completed artwork showing pollution, he had done a piece where there was a man painting a simple sun shape over the smoke from a factory and so I experimented with some digital outcomes.

After completing the sun I found it looked too simple and just didn’t like it and so I started colouring over the smoke to try ‘hide’ the issue as that what many people do they walk past and ignore what’s in front of them. I then experimented with the colour and style of brush when colouring the smoke and thought that it looked better when you could still see under the colour as it was clearer. I then added text but am still not sure how well it fits in.

I then had an idea for animal rights when completing the last image. I like adding cartoon elements to real images as it takes away the intensity and makes it more appealing to people. As animal rights is a very sensitive issue I find that it has to be dealt with carefully and without being offensive towards people and so by combing these two mediums I find that people don’t get as offended.