Fill blender with water an blend with a handful of ripped up paper, the thicker the paper you use the thicker the paper that you make will be. Then blend up the paper to make a pulp and pour into large a large container. Repeat this 10 times.

Place wet towels down on surface (use a boards the can be used to press the paper later) and create a slight bump in the middle by folding some of the towels and then lay more over the top.

Top up the pulp with a little water so that it isn’t as thick as the paper will be too heavy. Place the mould/screen together and stir up the pulp with your hand to ensure it hasn’t separated. Dip the mould into the pulp at a angle and the adjust it to become level slowly bring the mould above the pulp and then move it left to right and up and down to level out the pulp. Let it sit for a few seconds and then remove the border from the screen.

Place the screen on its side and roll it over the towel, press lightly as a angle to strain away some extra water then slowly roll the screen away from the paper. Place another towel over the paper and repeat the process.

Once all the pulp as has been used and the paper becomes to thin then put the paper between two boards and tighten then together. Leave for approximately 20 minutes.