I started by gathering materials when I was visiting places as the beach, I collected some sand and seaweed and made some paper which I added these materials too. I then made those pieces of paper into a book, I still am unsure whether I should draw in the book or leave as it is.

While walking I picked up some of the rubbish that I found and brought it back with me and decided to draw on it as a experiment I like the effect although I feel it is a little unrelated but I did enjoy drawing using unusual materials rather than just paper. It almost gave the rubbish a meaning and it has a more personal meaning which makes it harder to throw away.

I would like to continue with this making more books and collecting more rubbish where I can so that I can build a small collection, I planned to have more for the final exhibition however to due poor health I wasn’t able to gather as much but over the next few weeks I want to be able to collect more element. I also took images throughout my journey which could be placed into the book.