During constellation I completed New Materialism and Sustainable Practice, New Materialism taught more about the connections to the human body with other existing things, Sustainable taught me about the process of products and their life cycle. I found constellation helpful throughout this year, it helped me to develop my research skills when completing my essays. Having never completed an essay with the structures needed for this years I was able to learn new skills and further develop my writing skills, I enjoyed writing about topics that I was interested in and making them relevant to my subject. After changing subjects in between constellation I still found it useful for Illustration and it was easy to use my notes from when I was in Fine Art and make them relevant for current topics that I was looking at.

In New materialism I was able to learn about how the body worked with materials and the relationship between them. How we have to use the right material to be able to create the outcomes that we desire and that process itself it part of the outcomes. Learning about where does that body end, if the body is connected to something does that become part of the body. Is it the material that made the outcome or the person who used the material? I found learning about this topic very interesting and was able to use it when I was developing ideas within Fine art, I had to think about the materials I was going to use and how they would work with what I wanted to develop. Making sure that they relationship between them would work well and create what I wanted. Learning about relationships between objects and the body is very effective within art as it is so relevant, it allowed for me to look at artworks in a different way. I was able to see how someone created a piece and why where as before I wouldn’t have been able to notice as easily. Although it took me a while to understanding the meaning of the body and it’s connections I feel much more confident in being able to choose materials and being able to explain and show why I chose to use that material for a piece. Now that I have changed to Illustration the relationship between the object and the body is different whereas as within Fine art the materials and the body have a strong connection within Illustration the connection that the piece has with the viewer is more important in my opinion as it is about showing and helping others understand a topic or story and so the materials used to create that effect are very important to the final outcome that will presented and shown.

Sustainable Practice was more difficult to look at from a Illustration aspect as it doesn’t have a huge impact upon the environment although the things that are produced through it can have an impact the environment and sustainability although not as much as other subjects that are directly linked and impact on consumerism Illustration can but does not have as of a high impact due to it materials and processes that are often used. Illustrators often use pen and paper or work digital, we don’t produce products that are difficult to recycle or re-use we focus on displaying a larger and more understanding solution for people and so sustainability can be one of those topics. I learnt more about consumerism and the impact that it has on the planet, many people by things that are not needed and may products are bought for a single use. Over time we have become obsessed with buying new things even if what we have works the same as it just because it’s a new colour or design we want what’s ‘hot’ right now. After looking further into the topic I found that I was able to look at products and identify if it was needed whether the information that I was promoting was useful. I could see what information would be the most impactful on someone and choose multiple ideas that worked the most effectively making the message better received by my target audience. Through the research completed for the essay I was able to look into different age groups and how the learn through different mediums and what works best. There are many different ways of showing messages and Sustainable Practice has allowed for me to understanding the different methods of standing for a cause within my subject allowing for me to be observant when looking at other forms of Illustration and how effective they may be.

After completing my first set of constellation topics I feel much more comfortable when making decisions what my pieces whether it be the materials or methods I’m using. I know where to find reliable information when looking at topics within my artworks finding information that I can use and the most beneficial way of using it to communicate. Constellation has allowed for my to meet people from other subject groups helping me to find partners that I can work with in the future and that I can ask for guidance on topics that they may be more educating on than myself, it has helped build my confidence when working with other people which is important for an Illustrator as it is there primary job to communicate. I have enjoyed the topics that I have looked at although it was a little difficult finding relevant studies for Sustainable Practice within Illustration I was able to find a new perspective that was more relevant for the subject other that the process of how something is made I was able to look at what the product would do once it entered the world and impact it would have on education others. Going forward I hope to use the skills that I have been able to develop to help with research making my outcomes more effective in the future.