During my time in Fine art I didn’t complete any field requirements but we started field as I went to illustration so I struggled at first as I was with no one that I had knew and so it was a little struggle but the teamwork element made it easier to meet people from mine and other subjects within the uni.  I enjoyed working with other subjects as there they where able to help with techniques that I had used before and we could develop ideas together helping each other. We where able to create more developed outcomes in a shorter space of time as we could assign elements to the strongest member in that area. We began by creating a manifesto as a group on a topic that we all felt passionate about, our group chose the environment we then started developing and researching into propaganda for out final outcome. We then went into different groups and had to research into characters that we had been given and create a presentation as a group that would show the people our group developed a lot of outcomes such as multiple posters, animation and diary entries that would help tell a story. I really enjoyed this brief and found that researching as a group is very effective and people have different methods of doing so which helped to gather a wider range of research helping us create a more accurate final presentation.  After completing all of the group briefs we where able to work independently I chose to look at the environment further but more so sustainability and wanted to research into how art could be more sustainable. I looked at making my own material and was able to learn how to create my own paper and included sand and material that I had found while walking. I wanted to see what texture and outcomes I could make using materials that could be found without causing any damage to the planet. I enjoyed the experience of making the paper and found the outcomes that where produced where effective as every piece that I made was a different thickness, I decided to make the pieces of paper into a book that could be used for drawing although the paper was difficult to use to the grains because of the sand. I also gathered some items that would be thrown away such as cans and bottles and used them to draw on. While gathering materials for the outcomes I was also able to take lots of images although I didn’t know what to do with them they helped me to think in a different such as using the ‘rubbish’ as the art. I really enjoyed field this year and found working with others very beneficial in helping my communication skills and developing my skills with processes that I had never thought of using before. Working with other mediums helps think of different ways to make to outcome helping me to create the bets outcomes that I can with the skills and materials available to me.