I’ve learnt a lot within my first year studying both Fine art and Illustration I have been able to find my style and focus on what I want to create. I began by studying Fine art but found that my style didn’t suit the subject as I prefer to work 2D over 3D and work better with requirements rather than a theme to work from. I have found that I want my work to make a change and have a purpose. I learnt more about techniques through Fine art such as printing with cyanotype I had done some work with this before but had never experimented with screen printing and so I enjoyed developing my skills further. I also learnt about painting with acrylic, I have never been a fan of working with acrylic paint and so having a workshop to show me how to use the material was very useful. I used the skills I had learnt to design an create my very mask design that I was able to cut using the band saw in the workshops. After completing the workshops I found that I wanted to look at artworks and artists that where very illustrative and so I decided that I would be better suited to change courses. At first I struggled within Illustration as there was a lot of focus on the field topic and so I was worried that I would fall behind or need to be completing other works but after speaking with some of the tutors I felt more comfortable. It was difficult adjusting to the different teaching styles and the briefs that where given but after completing my first Illustration brief I feel a lot more confident with the subject. i struggles a little with the children’s story book brief as I was still a little unsure how to complete some of the requirements and how to present my work as the development within the brief was different to what I have done before. After completing the brief I want to go forward more confident with what I’m doing as I found my self worrying about my style of artwork when I didn’t need to and so I want to be able to complete artworks quicker and work on my development more than I have done so. Now that I feel more confident about my style of artwork I hope to be able to create more detailed pieces and have a more developed final outcome. The change in courses effected more artwork slightly as I found myself adapting to the brief rather than using my skills and knowledge to make the most effective outcome. For my second year I hope to be able to work constantly within my briefs and develop my style further, I wish to learn more skills and use more of the facilities that are available to help my art be the more effective that it can be.