Goddesses & Monsters

I really enjoyed this topic, I don't often look at things that where covered over the past few weeks. Unlike some of the other lectures I found this very beneficial to my subject as it has aloud for me to... Continue Reading →


New Materialism & Sustainable Practice

During constellation I completed New Materialism and Sustainable Practice, New Materialism taught more about the connections to the human body with other existing things, Sustainable taught me about the process of products and their life cycle. I found constellation helpful... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Practices 1

We began by looking at the industrial revolution and the difference between the first and second identifying the differences between them. The big change started during the industrial revolution as products started to be made in bulk , before the... Continue Reading →

Working with material

As a task i was given a lollypop stick and a piece of plasticine to make something 3 minutes while music was played in the background. Originally I wanted to create a cowboy hat on a stick, I tried to... Continue Reading →


Week 4 During the session we looked at how tools hide from view, having discussed the theories throughout the session I know question how my body works with other objects to complete tasks. I have learned that it is not... Continue Reading →

The sight

The first image shows a drawing that I completed through using only my ability to touch, the second using my sight to draw the object. While drawing the first image I found it difficult to understand the shape of the... Continue Reading →

The Body

Looking through the different statements about the body, I found it relatively difficult to define what the body means within my subject to one specific description. It is difficult to define what the body is as it doesn't only depends... Continue Reading →

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