Final Pieces

I am happy with my outcomes although I wish that I would have had more time to design something more intricate and made more pieces that would relate to the environment that would have been a little in-depth. It is... Continue Reading →


Glaze testing

The glaze workshop was helpful when experimenting, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to glaze my pieces as it would stop the liquid from sticking to animals as I chose to put ink in the bowls instead of using a... Continue Reading →

Making the pieces

I chose to use the same mould for the final piece that I had used during the workshop as I wanted to be able to put liquid in the piece but also wanted lots of space and so the shape... Continue Reading →

My idea

When thinking of ideas I thought about using the ceramic to tell the story of me gramps as he often tells stories about his past, working in the royal mint and where he was during the second world war. I... Continue Reading →

Working with different materials

During the first workshop we worked with the terracotta clay to make plates and dishes using moulds, rolling out the clay and then placing it onto the mould then cutting around the edge while it was on the wheel. At... Continue Reading →

First year of Field

During my time in Fine art I didn't complete any field requirements but we started field as I went to illustration so I struggled at first as I was with no one that I had knew and so it was... Continue Reading →

The final outcomes

I started by gathering materials when I was visiting places as the beach, I collected some sand and seaweed and made some paper which I added these materials too. I then made those pieces of paper into a book, I... Continue Reading →

Making Paper

Process Fill blender with water an blend with a handful of ripped up paper, the thicker the paper you use the thicker the paper that you make will be. Then blend up the paper to make a pulp and pour... Continue Reading →

Allegory & Satire

I began by looking at the brief, I knew that I would want to focus on a societal problem and so I started looking into some that would interest me and developed a small list. Animal Rights Environment/Pollution Work wages... Continue Reading →

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