Making Sound

I began making noises for my animation piece by just recording them from my iPad that I used to make the animation itself.


Misophonia Animation

I began to make the animation using Procreate on my iPad designing the basic images and then used a GIF making software to make them into moving images and then used imovie to combine all of the smaller GIF's together... Continue Reading →

Mappa Mundi

How do I see the world? This was a very difficult questions for me, I didn't know how I wanted to perceive the world. Did I want to show my memories and the world that I live in or something... Continue Reading →

Editorial 2 // To Inspire Young Communists, China Turns to ‘Red Army’ Schools

With the piece i found it more difficult than the first editorial as the topic here is more sensitive due to there being children involved, I didn't want to develop a piece that would turn people away or upset people... Continue Reading →


As I had never made a GIF I wanted to practice before completing the final outcome and so I decided to practice with simple line drawings as I wanted to experiment and play with how all the images would come... Continue Reading →

Editorial Emailing Process

While completing the editorial illustration we had to email 'Brain' our roughs and final piece to help get used to and learn how to communicate with people wanting out work. This was my first draft Hi Brain,  Here are the... Continue Reading →

The Wrong Pill Can Play With Your Mind After looking through the articles this one stood out to me as I liked the narrative nature of it, as well as the theme as as I like to illustrate topics linked with mental health. I began by gathering... Continue Reading →

My first Year

I've learnt a lot within my first year studying both Fine art and Illustration I have been able to find my style and focus on what I want to create. I began by studying Fine art but found that my... Continue Reading →

Illustrators I love the style of these artworks, the simple backgrounds bringing the attention to the focus of the image. The image have a dreamlike appearance to them and the colours work together.     Niroot Puttapipat

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