My Exhibition For my final piece I chose to illustrate all the places that Bird had traveled during her lifetime I placed them together in a collage style format and experimented a little with the background. I want to look further... Continue Reading →


Isabella L. Bird

While finding out research on Bird I was able to find some of her books that mostly consist of letters that she wrote to relatives to record her journey. Originally I had planned to illustrate her life and all the... Continue Reading →

My Working Process

While trying to figure out what I wanted to create for the open brief I looked in the 'mindful artwork and painting' I found it very interesting and really enjoyed creating something so loosely and working with colour without worrying... Continue Reading →

Misophonia Animation Final

After receiving feedback about my animation we spoke about combining the digital format with a sketching style also so I started completing rough sketches using charcoal to give more feeling and create the theme of stress within the drawings. I... Continue Reading →

Making Sound

I began making noises for my animation piece by just recording them from my iPad that I used to make the animation itself.

Misophonia Animation

I began to make the animation using Procreate on my iPad designing the basic images and then used a GIF making software to make them into moving images and then used imovie to combine all of the smaller GIF's together... Continue Reading →

Mappa Mundi

How do I see the world? This was a very difficult questions for me, I didn't know how I wanted to perceive the world. Did I want to show my memories and the world that I live in or something... Continue Reading →

Editorial 2 // To Inspire Young Communists, China Turns to ‘Red Army’ Schools

With the piece i found it more difficult than the first editorial as the topic here is more sensitive due to there being children involved, I didn't want to develop a piece that would turn people away or upset people... Continue Reading →


As I had never made a GIF I wanted to practice before completing the final outcome and so I decided to practice with simple line drawings as I wanted to experiment and play with how all the images would come... Continue Reading →

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