My first Year

I've learnt a lot within my first year studying both Fine art and Illustration I have been able to find my style and focus on what I want to create. I began by studying Fine art but found that my... Continue Reading →

Illustrators I love the style of these artworks, the simple backgrounds bringing the attention to the focus of the image. The image have a dreamlike appearance to them and the colours work together.     Niroot Puttapipat

Making Paper

Process Fill blender with water an blend with a handful of ripped up paper, the thicker the paper you use the thicker the paper that you make will be. Then blend up the paper to make a pulp and pour... Continue Reading →

Revitalisation of Ibaraki

This is an optional brief that has been given by a traditional Japanese tea company to make new designs for 3 of the tea products that aren't selling that well. I started looking at tea packaging that exists in Japan... Continue Reading →

Changing to Illustration

After the first term and my formative assessment within fine art I decided that I was better suited to illustration and so I have changed courses. We are currently focusing on field and so I haven't had a opportunity to... Continue Reading →

MP Conclusion

After looking at the work that I have completed throughout the material projects I found that I enjoyed the book making the most interesting. I really like the idea of creating a book that people can interact with rather than... Continue Reading →

Shaped Paintings

After looking at masks for the library research project I decided to continue with my theme of masks for the subject matter as it fitted in well with the concept. We started by creating designs for the masks, drawing in... Continue Reading →

Masks (library research brief)

After spending a lot of time finding artist that didn't feel as though where linked to the theme as much as I would have liked I spent a lot of time trying to find something I wanted to make and... Continue Reading →

Today, Tomorrow, September

17th October 2016 Started by looking at some printers and then went through a tutorial showing how to use the equipment in the printing room. Then started to develop a silk screen, the screen had to first be washed using... Continue Reading →

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