New Materialism & Sustainable Practice

During constellation I completed New Materialism and Sustainable Practice, New Materialism taught more about the connections to the human body with other existing things, Sustainable taught me about the process of products and their life cycle. I found constellation helpful... Continue Reading →


Illustrators I love the style of these artworks, the simple backgrounds bringing the attention to the focus of the image. The image have a dreamlike appearance to them and the colours work together.     Niroot Puttapipat

The final outcomes

I started by gathering materials when I was visiting places as the beach, I collected some sand and seaweed and made some paper which I added these materials too. I then made those pieces of paper into a book, I... Continue Reading →

Making Paper

Process Fill blender with water an blend with a handful of ripped up paper, the thicker the paper you use the thicker the paper that you make will be. Then blend up the paper to make a pulp and pour... Continue Reading →

Revitalisation of Ibaraki

This is an optional brief that has been given by a traditional Japanese tea company to make new designs for 3 of the tea products that aren't selling that well. I started looking at tea packaging that exists in Japan... Continue Reading →

Allegory & Satire

I began by looking at the brief, I knew that I would want to focus on a societal problem and so I started looking into some that would interest me and developed a small list. Animal Rights Environment/Pollution Work wages... Continue Reading →

Rob Peters & Harry Stratton

For the next step we have been put into groups and given people to look at, we have been given Rob Peters and Harry Stratton who both fought in the Civil war but had completely different experiences. After  meeting as... Continue Reading →

Animal Farm

Sustainable Practices 1

We began by looking at the industrial revolution and the difference between the first and second identifying the differences between them. The big change started during the industrial revolution as products started to be made in bulk , before the... Continue Reading →

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