Animal Farm

Sustainable Practices 1

We began by looking at the industrial revolution and the difference between the first and second identifying the differences between them. The big change started during the industrial revolution as products started to be made in bulk , before the... Continue Reading →

Presenting our Guernica

We where very happy with our final outcome, we wanted to create the same dark appearance as Picasso using strong lines to attract focus points. The business cat shows the consumers who damage the planet and are above it all,... Continue Reading →


Pan’s Labyrinth

Picasso’s Guernica

We began by looking at Picasso's Guernica which was developed during the time of the Civil War. He was asked to complete the painting in 1937 and it's approximately 11ft high and 24ft wide, Picasso wanted the piece to appear... Continue Reading →

Creating a manifesto

The group consists of illustration, graphic communication and animation. We began my looking at the Spanish Civil War and how it implicated on families and past generations through presentation. After we went into groups where we had at least one... Continue Reading →

Changing to Illustration

After the first term and my formative assessment within fine art I decided that I was better suited to illustration and so I have changed courses. We are currently focusing on field and so I haven't had a opportunity to... Continue Reading →

MP Conclusion

After looking at the work that I have completed throughout the material projects I found that I enjoyed the book making the most interesting. I really like the idea of creating a book that people can interact with rather than... Continue Reading →

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